Being forced to 8.1.5 + how is your networking dealing?

I run everything on 7.3.6 and in software mode. I have about 35 AP’s and 24 of them are P8. I am being forced to shell out ~20k just to stay in business, and thats not to mention I am knowingly being asked to reduce the quality and reliability of my network.

Its not a matter of the money as much as the network reliability. I talked to moto today and they told me they are aware of the problems and they are working to resolved them in their next release. I asked when the next release would be released and the reply was " I can not commit to any time frame". I asked for a rough estimate and I got basically the same response. I have no faith that the problems will be fixed before I am forced to upgrade.

With 1100 customers and almost 500k invested into this network the last thing I want to do is risk losing it due to someones incompetence. This may sound a bit dramatic, but i am in a small town and word travels very fast. Almost all of my sales is pushed by our word of mouth that we have worked very hard to keep.

Does anyone have any recommendations beyond, stop whining and upgrade or find a new equipment provider?

I can say… hang on for the ride, that is, if they don’t get those fixes in. I have had quite a few problems with the APs coming in on V8 with P10 boards, as well as BHs. I have seen problems running my P9s on V8 and immediatly downgraded to an older AP that I had. I really hope they get there updates rollin’- not only quickly, but effectively.

We are running 8.2 on most of the APs. We have enabled only 100 fdx on the SMs. I haven’t noticed anything strange. Don’t use 8.1.5.

I have stuff on and 8.2v2 and am seeing issues also…Need those fixes,these are all p9 boards…

I upgrade all my AP to 821 including the adv and non-adv.
Everything running without any problems so far.

The real problem is “INTERFERENCE” I believe

And onething again, we forced almost all of our customer to buy wireless router/router, it makes our life easier…

and the WARM-32 did very good in combating INTERFERENCE…thx to Jerry.
I wonder if WARM-39 will do better :lol:


What is WARM-32 and WARM-39?

I have tried to work P10 at best using 100mb half duplex.

Before, when all options are checked, SMs ethernets are going off every 15mins or less. After selecting 100mb half duplex, I didn’t hear clients to complain anymore.

We had a perfectly good neighborhood running 900 MHz all on 7.36. Then about 1 month ago we received a batch of P9 SM’s that had 8.x loaded on them. When I called Motorola, they told me that I can not roll them back to 7.x, because they had to have hardware scheduling turned on, and that was only possible on 8.x, and so I was forced to upgrade everything to 8.1.5.

Our network has been completely unstable since.

I am wanting to try 8.2, but reading the other posts, doe snot seem like that is going to do the trick either as it seems to have it’s own problems.
First question, was Motorola telling me the truth, or where they just wanting to get my on the latest software.

I don’t know what is happening at Moto, but things seem to be slipping…

I am not happy!

On your AP Disable all Ethernet Interface accept 100Base-TX Half Duplex AND ALSO DISABLE Send Untranslated ARP. This Fixed our network for the NiBuff Error, please post if it work for you.