Bench test

So i got my first Medusa 3Ghz and want to bench test it but was wondering the best practice to do so.  With this huge antenna not quite sure of the setup i need.  any help is  appreciated.

We like to put it on a weighted tri-pod (it's pretty heavy and you don't want it to fall over), and then place SM's on a table across the room, maybe like 10' away. We turn down the power on the AP till the SM's can see it at around -60dBm. We set the AP's SM power control to the same level, -60dBm.

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Are your SM's connectorized? If so do you use attenuation and how much?

We typically don't use connectorized SM's, but if you need to test one, just buy some cheap attenuators off of eBay or Amazon... a 1 watt one will be more then enough. Alternatively, you can just connect any antenna to it, doesn't even need to be 3GHz... a 2.4GHz rubber duck antenna will work fine as well.