Best firmware for PMP100

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Which firmware version is recomended to be used with the PMP100 radios currently ... especially when there's still quite a few P8 radios mixed into network ?

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13.4.1 is the last and latest version for P8 , I would say please try that.

Isn't 13.4.1 still in BETA or is it considered stable enough for production ?

Yeah in BETA , it will be released soon, you may try 13.4 official release but if you are using P8, decrease NAT table size to 1024 before upgrading.

I'm  not using NAT on the  SM units at all . Each customer has a dedicated router for this.  Is NAT the only thing that's getting effected on the P8 unitS?

I have PMP 100 P8 radio boards  running 13.4, no problem at all  you should try it 

We're running 11.2 network wide. 12.x train probably is also good. If you're concerned with interop with other WISPs, stay away from 13.x unless you coordinate it explicitly. There is an undocumented timing change that causes very annoying interference. We found out the hard way (and about 50 escalations through Support to get that acknowledged)


I would go with either 12.1 or 13.4 depending on your needs.

12.1 is the last firmware revision with a working alignment tab, which is critically important when dealing with a heavily treed and/or noisy environment.  Not being able to tell if you're aligning off your own tower or not leads to a lot of confusion and increased on site time.  It still reboots the SM when you take it out of alignment mode, but at least the tab works.

13.4 on both APs and SMs allows you to do full sector spectrums, in which the SMs all do a spectrum when the APs does, which removes your own signals from the results.  That's a fabulous feature when having to rework frequencies on a towerto get around noise.