Best option for short-range PtP

Hi! We have quite a few longer range backhaul links with PtP450i and PtP670 - which we are very happy with. We also need some short range links - from 200m to 1000m.

I have bought one pair of PtP 450b - which seems to work ok. But I don’t seem to understand the difference between them and ePMP and probably other options as well? Best case they would support 802.11at - but I guess that doesn’t exist? Using PtP450i seems a bit overkill for these ranges…

What is the best solution for me?

@sjordet, with your ptp450i and ptp670 how long are your links and what kind of throughput are you seeing? I am looking to upgrade some ptp 550 links and am curious

Hi sjordet, we use a competitors product with 60Ghz + integrated 5ghz fail over for such distances and works pretty decently.Rainfade over 800M during heavy rain can be an issue we’ve found in the areas we operate in.Cambium will probably offer such an integrated product in the future or you can use a cnWave + Force 180 I’d guess.

We are using force180 for that distances.
I assume that cn Wave in combination with force180 doesnt work, cnwave are 60ghz devices

@mixig I probably summarized it too much but what I means a pair of cnWaves and a pair of Force 180’s on their respective towers usually in combination with a bgp/ospf/mpls routed backend and some link monitoring scripts.The integrated stuff works pretty well in general and allows you to escape the complexities such as this.

We used to do this kinda solution when Mikrotik was the only game in our town for 60Ghz and then spanned 2x routed vlan transit links through the 2 ports and then used ospf path manipulation to push stuff primarily through the 60 Ghz link when its remote neighbor was available and failed over to the 60 Ghz when either ospf neighbor failed or our custom neighbor up/down code would detect >10% packet loss.

We also, but instead wireless links we are using fibre :crazy_face:.
Mikrotik for bgp/ospf/mpls? CCRs?

depending on bandwidth requirements and available spectrum, epmp F300/F400 would more than fit. If you need 1Gbps+ then cnWave 60Ghz as long as you can get a clear LOS.


We don’t have very high bandwidth requirements, we run our PtP670 with 30 MHz channel width in a very crowded spectrum, and get about 100 Mb/s each direction. Happy with that.

The PtP450i is using 20 MHz channel width, which is good enough for us :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. We don’t have the bandwidth need that 60 GHz would give us, so I’m more than happy with 5 GHz for these sites at least.

I see that the consensus seems to be Force 180-ish. Which seems reasonable. But I don’t seem to find a difference between Force 180 and PtP 450b? What are the key differences?

cost, the epmp is way cheaper.
the 450 has more stable latency but the epmp in eptp mode is comparable, just no sync. both will do about 100mbps each way with a 20mhz channel but since your so close use a 40mhz channel and gain the benefits of more available throughput.