Best OS for Prizm

Hi all,
I would like people’s opinion on the best OS to use with a new install of Prizm.
I haven’t used it before and I want a good stable envionment that works well with the prizm software.
I know everyone has many issues on what is the best OS, but I really just want to know what works well with Prizm and doesn’t need a lot of tweaks.
I have multiple OS’s running at present, so I can use Windows, Unix, Linux etc…

Moto supports RH4, period. Any other OS’s are not supported by Moto so getting help will be limited to this user form.

With that said, folks have had some success using CentOS 4 which is generally speaking RH4 with the RH specific code removed.

I think there was another who got it working on Mandrake.

We use CentOS. It is RHEL without the price tag. See here for an explanation.

Particularly the “CentOS Overview.”

Will Moto help me with Windows XP Pro? I hope so … !

I’m running it on a Win2K Pro machine.

No issues as of yet…java likes to hog the cpu though when I’m running a client. =/

I tried to install Prizm and get it going, but no success. Could someone post a basic step-outline for me? From the manual, I get:

Install MySQL 4.1 and the Connector/J
Install Prizm
(I already have Java installed, as this machine runs CNUT as well)

Then what?
(I only need the ODBC for BAM, right?)

The Prizm 2.1 release notes give more specific directions. This arta work!

Anybody has experience in Gentoo?

I have had it on Win 2000 server 6 mths or so.

update I installed Prizm on a Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x86 edition with mysql 5 this weekend with no problem.

Read the Canopy System User Guide of Prizm…
Motorola support her customers with Win2003 and RH EN WS/AS version 3 or 4

But if you install the RH 4, read this link after install: … d=399&c=18

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