Best practice to Install ePMP1000 Integrated with nLOS

Dear Support Team 

What is the Best practice to Install ePMP1000 Integrated with nLOS since we have little issue to get LOS in South California with height tree for 6 to 8 mile.

Please give me your best practice to avoid this issue since we cannot install 50 ft Tower restricted  by FCC law.

Throughput needed like 50 Mbps  Uplink/downlink for 6 to 8 mile.

Thanks to all 

Are you asking the following:

"Will a pair of ePMP1000 integrated radios work in a 6-8 mile non-LOS link and be able to provide at least 50mbps full duplex?"

If that is what you're asking, then no, this will probably not work.

do you know whats nLOS ? I am telling you NLOS  I need a real time best practice 

So are you talking about near-LOS, or non-LOS? in either case, you're not going get 50mbps FDX using two integrated radios at 6-8 miles.

Thats good you know it , okay can you give me your best practice to get that mention throughput with distance with ePMP1000 whatever (Integrated or Sync ) ...using reflector if possible to minimze headache of height Tower ....... I am asking in friendly since I need to increase installation of ePMP in south bay ....... But most of the issue we face it here for small link like 6 to 10 mile that height tree  sometimes can reach to 70 ft which can block installation for small link , that we need to use ePMP1000 (Integrated or Sync ) , 

Thanks for Understanding .

I would try the Force 110 PTP.

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Ya I would agree with Kyle here.

PTP Force 110 looks pretty impressive on paper.

I would also recommanded to download LINKPlanner to play around with it (it will tell you if it's doable and your ideal throughput..etc) as it's intergrated to Google Earth/Map :)


I would suggest trying both 2.4GHz and 5GHz ePMP Force110 PTP. Still, it will depend on what kind of nLOS conditions we are talking about here. You will probably not get 50Mbps Full Duplex, though. Try to play around with channel width a bit and see what you can get. Using narrower channels will increase your chances in getting a stable connection, but will decrease throughput. Also, try moving the radios up and down a pole just a little bit, and see what happens.

LINKplanner will not help you, probably, since I am guessing that you have trees or building blocking your way.

What you can also try is, you can calculate the First Fresnel Zone width and see how much of it the obstacles are blocking. 2.4GHz has a wider Fresnel Zone, but signal can penetrate obstacles easier, while 5GHz has a narrower Fresnel Zone but will struggle more with the obstacles.

Hope this helps!