Best Practices For New CBRS SM/Customer Installations?

For those WISP operators that have been installing new customers (not migrating) on a CBRS AP, do you have any "Best Practices" that you could share?

Our coverage area is about 7,000 square miles and we run several crews on a day-to-day basis. I'm not sure that we are going to be able to always have a constant flow of SM's that has been pre-provisioned for CBRS with the specific information of a potential customers location, antenna height,etc...  For ex: If we have a customer installation that doesn't work for whatever reason, our Front-Office will attempt to contact a different potential customer and try to get them installed that same day. In this manner, I would not have had an opportunity to provision an SM for this installation crew. 

Is there any way to conduct a Real-Life Site Survey at a location and Register with a CBRS AP before importing the specific data of the customer location and height?  I'm sure I am missing something. 


Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications

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I'm curious about doing new installs also.

So far I've had to disable CBRS on the AP, get the SM connected, then re-enable CBRS. So each install I'm rebooting the AP twice. This definetly wouldn't be considered "Best Practice". 

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We are working on the same with new 450m installation. I'll post what we come up with and we can all compare notes and refine.  Minimum truck rolls, turnaround time and least requirements on the installer obviously.  Will probably have installers take a picture of the install to verify.  The exif file in the photo will have the lat lon embedded and estimate height AGL based on the photo.  Photo would perhaps be attached to the account through Powercode if you use it.  So far I've found the multi-step process pretty awkward and time consuming if anything doesn't go just right.  


Did anyone have a follow up to this? We tried an install yesterday, both with a radio we "pre-provisioned" and one that we configured on the fly in the field. Both units register, but just sit there for over an hour waiting for their transmit to be authorized. 

Interesting....Here are a series of questions I now have for you. What happens if I have 30 customers on a sector and add 2 on Monday Morning? Do all customers lose connectivity during this process? Have you guys used an external proxy?


@art72 wrote:

What happens if I have 30 customers on a sector and add 2 on Monday Morning? Do all customers lose connectivity during this process?


I have had to add a couple of customers that I originally missed when I was doing the migration.  No other customers on that AP fell off when I added them to cnMaestro, received authorization, or once the radio connected to the AP.