Best practise for aligning PTP820

Can you please share your best practises for aligning PTP820 links? 
I know about measuring voltage on RSSI port, but personaly I don't find the best user friendy solution.
Has anyone find/made any "light" or "buzzer"  that could connect to RSSI port?

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          I don't know of an "audible method" for the 820 like the 670. I did create a writeup for how to configure the radios for the "alignment phase". Also we have numerous writeups on antenna alignement procedures. Is this your first 820 install? We want to make sure you have a succesful first experience.

Thank you for this.
It is not our first install, but will try next time as instructed. I checked if there is any other option than bringing another instrument up on the tower. One more thing we can forget downstairs :) 

How did this turnout?

We have another installation this week, but won't be able to align link yet. Will let you know when we can and try your reccomendations.
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Thanks and let me know how it goes.


Today we just did alignment on PTP820 link. It went smoothly and we got even slightly better perfomance than LinkPlanner predicted.

First, we aligned antenna on one side visually, then we aligned according to voltage. After the first try we got about -70dBm RX power and then we tried to do fine settings with screws on antenna mounting kit. We tighten all the screws on one side at around -60dBm RX power.

After lunch we went to the other end and aligned by the same steps and got around -40dBm RX power. 

We had to be very careful on side lobes, because it was almost as the main lobe, but of course around 10-15dB worse signal. It can easily trick you.

At the begining we set modulation to fixed with profile 0 and then continued with alignment.

Overall experience was much better with these instructions and much easier to do proper alignment.

Thank you!


            Thank you for the honest feedback and glad that the tutorial went to good use.

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