Best practise migrating to a new cnMaestro


We have to migrate all devices from one cnMaestro virtual machine to a new one. The problem is that, we also have to change IP address of cnMaestro.
cnMaestro is not in the same subnet as APs and SMs, so we have on each device configured static IP address for cnMaestro.

Could someone help me with JSON code for changing cnMaestro IP?

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Edit: We are using On-premises.

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Hi. I have forwarded your message to the development team.

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Why not use DNS?

1) We don't have DNS in this network and we can not use DNS in this network.

2) Even if we could use DNS, we would still need to change on all devices manually.

Is there a JSON script that I can push to all devices to change cnMaestro address?

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If possible you can try this, shutdown the existing instance and provide the same IP address to your new instance would be the easiest way to migrate. 

Is this possible?

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That wouldn't work for us.

We have devices in Vlan X, Y and cnMaestro in Vlan Z, now we would like to migrate cnMaestro to Vlan X.

Now we have on all clients from Vlan X and Y manually configured cnMaestro IP address (from Vlan Z) and we can not have the Vlan Z's IP address in Vlan X.


What device type(s) are you trying to migrate?

Only ePMP.

I was already contacted via e-mail by Kumaran Kannappan. We are trying to handle it. I will post the results here when we are done.

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If it was me, I would write a script to cycle through the SMs and set the cnmaestro ip address/gateway/vlan in each device via SNMP (assuming all of those need to change).  I can't recall the OIDs but I'm sure someone at Cambium has it handy.  If you need help with this, lemme know and I can whip up a sample you can test on a few devices.


There's actually a great thread with bash scripts that community members have developed.  They include the OIDs required for both ePMP and PMP 450.

For those interested you can find it here: