best recommendations for a Captive portal for a hotel

We have a client whom we installed about 20 E500 outdoor APs, all controlled and configured under cnmaestro, he now wants the guest access portal implemented with rate limiting (each guest 2 mbps download and 2 mbps upload), he also wants the wlan to be open but the authentication to have an access code. upon successiful login the client should be redirected to another page.(Feedback form hosted elsewhere) to fill the feedback.

how do i implement the access code(its free wifi so no payment)? I know how to rate limit. 

This is all possible with the Guest Access Portal built into cnMaestro.

Go to Services > Guest Access Portal.

Under "Access Control" select "Vouchers" click add new plan (here you can set the Client Rate Limit). This voucher system will give users an access code.

Lastly under "Splash Page" you can select "On Success Redirect to URL" and this will redirect users to your external feedback form.