Best way for computers on same tower to communicate?

Currently we have on the CMM port based VLAN switching so traffic doesn’t go from AP to AP.

We have a customers on different APs from the same tower that need to communicate directly, is the best way to allow this to just turn of the port-based VLAN switching or is there a better way?

Rather than reconfigure the network I would have them buy two VPN routers.

Any recommendations on cheap routers that would be best for this?

We have had good luck in the past using D-Link DIR-130’s when a low cost VPN was needed. You should be able to grab one for under $140 no problem.

If you have some old PC’s laying around with a NIC, install a opensource firewall such as IPCop, Smoothwall or m0n0wall and setup the VPN tunnel. All of them have such features as stateful firewall inspection, IPSEC vpn and have a easy-to-use web interface.

Now would be a good time to learn mikrotik - it’s the best possible value, offers the most flexibility, and it’s reliable.

If they are just PC to PC, then use himatchi, its simple, its software, it lets you play command and conquor in LAN mode