Best way to rate limit users

Hi everyone,
As I said in different posts I’m new to Cambium, and I would like to find the best way to use all the potential of ePMP 1000 system for PtMP.

Currently I’m using MikroTik with MikroTik radios and I’m doing rate limit by using simple queues on Access Points that act as PPPoE servers.
Switching to Cambium I made tower routers PPPoE servers, and so I have simple queues on them to rate limit users.
I can’t use MIR feature because I need to use burst, and it’s not supported by Cambium :frowning:

What do you suggest to have an efficient rate limiting?
Is there someone using MikroTik as tower routers and PPPoE?

I don’t think simple queues are the best solution :confused:

Thank you!

You can set data limits in cnmaestro. Just a thought.

I think burst isn’t supported also in cnMaestro…

Hello guys, 

I'm trying to have the best rate limiting possible. 

Using MIR I have a perfect limitation, no issue, it's a flat line on speedtest.

Using Queues on MikroTik, whatever type of queue I choose (and MIR disabled on Cambium), I always have an unstable speed test and I can't reach the limit of the profile.

Anyone had this issue and can tell me how to solve this issue?

I want to give burst to users, and using MIR I simply can't do it... The only way is doing that on the router, but I have unstable profiles doing that...

I really don't know what to do :-(


Have you tried using “wireless-default” queue type?


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Yes, it's the best setting (I already use it with their nv2 protocol) but it doesn't give me a "flat" profile like using MIR on AP and client.

I can see traffic moving from 25 to 29Mbps and speedtest shows about 27Mbps.

If I remove the simple queue the user can push up to 60Mbps, but using the simple queue on the router (it's a CCR1009) give me an unstable profile.

I don't have this issue with smaller profiles (like 10/1), but this is a 30/5 profile.

The profile is flat and stable on the upload side (5Mbps).

Using MIR speedtest shows 30/5 and it's perfectly flat.

I have 1492 MTU with PPPoE, and standard "wireless-default" setting on my queue:

Kind: SFQ

Perturb: 5s

Allot: 1514 bytes

Since you are using PPPoE, have you attempted to use the traffic limits that can be defined at the PPP Profile?


No, I have a radius server and limits are pulled from it, and the router dynamically creates a simple queue for each user.

I can choose the queue type, and wireless-default (sfq) is the best, but not as good as MIR in Cambium (which doesn't supports burst so I can't use it).

giuseppe4 wrote:  "as MIR in Cambium (which doesn't supports burst so I can't use it)."

That is something we, and many others, have been asking for too. Most other products (Ubiquiti, StarOS, MikroTik, etc) all have it in some form.

Everyone will want to vote / kudo / comment on the feature request here:  :)

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My Kudo and my comment are already there :-D

Burst is a must on wireless if you want to offer high profiles!

I have a news: using 2.5ms time frame, not only ping is better (I knew that), but also limiting with MikroTik router is more precise!

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