Beta Software 14.1.2 (Build 14) for PMP/PTP 450 and PMP/PTP 450i is now available

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What is the normal DFS check time?  This build looks like 90 seconds?

Its ~60 seconds AFTER bootup. So it could be a total of 90 seconds. There were no changes made to this area so it should not be any different from previous builds. 



The AP was sitting Idle for ~30 seconds before the DFS check began. 

Could you please set the DFS check to begin before the Web GUI is loaded to speed up reboot time outages?

I understand the AP shows 'None' for channel frequency, but that isn't how the AP is set.

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That is because the AP is still looking for sync. Once sync is up, the AP is operational and that's when the DFS CAC (Channel Availability Check) is done for 60 seconds and the reciever actively looks for radar. Then the transmitter turns on. I will check to see if its possible to perform a CAC while sync is in progress. I doubt it but I'll check with the team. 



So the final version has been posticipated?

This is a release candidate build.  We're looking to have the community exercise it as much as possible before releasing.  We expect very little (if any) change from this build to final release.


Do you have an aproximate date to release the version 14.1.2? According to the webinars this should be avaliable now. Please tell me the date aproximate to release this version 14.1.2 and the release 14.2, to know if it´s better to upgrade all the devices to 14.1.2 o directly to 14.2.


Thanks for the question... we try to plan release dates to the best of our ability, but if issues arise, we want to make sure that a quality release is being delivered, so sometimes we'll hold off until critical issues are resolved.

14.1.2 is going through the final testing now.  We're hoping that more people can exercise Build 14, but it's looking promising.

14.2 is a bit farther away.  It adds significant functionality in the 30 MHz channel bandwidths, but we are still putting a target date around the end of the month. (Of course, subject to anything we find that might require additional work to fix).  We should have an open beta version of this software within the week.

Where can I find documentation supporting a claim I was told that an upcoming release affords the pmp450d 20meg units to have the ability to be upgraded to a 40meg unit with no extra charge?