we use canopy for wisp in this case,from the first point where we have internet by optical cable, are there 5 BHM10 5.4ghz that connect another 5 BHS10, the 5 BHM are connected by cmm and the downlink it’s set to 75%;besides in these sites we have 3 ap5400.
in one of this 5 BH link in some hour of the day,when increase the bandwidth traffic the latency increases from normal situation of 5-7ms to 200-300ms; and the voip calls begin impossible!!! we had try to enable LARGE VC but the problem persist! after we tryed to change the device master and slave, and the problem persist; and after we have try to change the frequancies, and the problem persist;
the air distance it’s 2.85 miles, we use reflector and the rx level are bhs -55 and bhm -56 with jitter 2 (costant);
this is a strange case, because the other 4 BH work so great even if used a lot of bandwidth; also in other installation we have never seen this problem;
any one have one solution for this problem?
we use the 9.5fw versione and the hardware are p10

did you check for ethernet errors on the bh that is having issues?

when the problem begin, only under statistics—>radio th outdiscardcount increasing soo much…in the others BH link this number it’s 0.

if its less than 1% of the outoctets count number then it not a problem. but if its more especially up int 30% of total then youve got an rf problem.

i post the statistics:

inoctets Count : 4127327063
inucastpkts Count : 91160236
Innucastpkts Count : 1069297
indiscards Count : 0
inerrors Count : 0
inunknownprotos Count : 0
outoctets Count : 678151667
outucastpktsCount : 75826219
outnucastpkts Count : 38520
outdiscards Count :614455
outerrors Count : 0


looks like thats less than 1% of total so it should be fine. have you tried changing frequencies?

sounds like this radio just can’t keep up, check your Dlink % and make sure you don’t have it to 90 or something way to hi, these radios can’t handle much so they get taxed easy, 1 of those APs could pretty well use up all of this BH, install a 2nd and bond them or get a bigger BH, outdiscards are caused from to much information to the radio, and it can’t send them so it discarded, mixed with hi lat, and as long and your link %s are good this radio is simply over loaded.

I agree, check the downlink % with usage grafics. Oherwise the bh its at the limit