BH 20 - troughput


We have a BH 20, with downlink data at 65%.
Performing the monitoring of it via SNMP found the following:

1) When a test efetuamos isolated (one on each edge equipment) with the software routerOS (mikrotik), we get 8.5 MB X DOWN UP 4.5 MB;

2) When efetuamos a test with the link in use, we get 7.5 MB X 2 MB;

Question: The result with the link in use, would not that be the same link isolated, or the sum of all traffic?

We are making this monitoring because of customers who are after the link reclarem of slowness.

Never setup BH that don’t test 100% both ways… Your radio must be running on 1X on the one direction. This is usually caused by noise on the same freq. , a reflection or obstructions.