BH 20 various question

today in my company we have try the BH 20mb and the AP and Sm troughtput

we have found a problem with BH 20 mb:

30 mt outdoor without obstacle, 10 mt agl.
scheduling HARDWARE SW version 7.2.9 max troughtput
6mb up
6mb down
scheduling HARDWARE SW version 7.3.6 max troughtput
4.5mb up
4.5mb down

in the same condition we had try AP and Sm Configuration, and it work soo good.
7mb up
7mb down

in all configuration (BH and Sm - Ap) the link test is at 100% in all values.

and if i look the jitter in BH configuration the value is ever floating from 2 to 10 but in AP-SM the value is costant.

i think that the BH 20 have a very importanto troughtput.
who have found the same problem whit BH 20?

What is your “downlink data percentage” parameter set to on the Backhaul Master?

50 %

downgrade to the 7.1 firmware, there was supposed to be a timing issue for the backhauls on the 7.2 firmware.

yesterday i had try the BH troughtput with 2 miles distance, and i want to say that it work great, with 75% of download i have 10.5mb!!!
i think that canopy have problem only with rf reflection!beacause the last test i had tryed in road with car in my fresnel zone!!!
BH 20 it’s very good in free air!!!
firmware version 7.3.6

Anything in the fresnol zone can affect the link… and that is not just Canopy…