BH & AP with no CMM

We are just starting out and I have a few questions about hooking up a BH and AP on the same tower. Right now we have a 20mbps 5.7 BH and 1 900mhz AP with a cyclone omni antenna. At our builing will be a BH and on the tower will be the AP & BH.

What is the easiest way to hook all this up? Do I really need to run 130 feet of Cat5 up the tower to the BH and then another 130 feet from the output port of the power supply up to the AP? and does that port provide power? or am I going to need something else? If you guys could tell me how you have done this in the past that would be great. We are not ready for a CMM yet and I don’t think we will be needing one for awhile. Also should I put the BH on the tower as Master or Slave.


You’ll either be doing some long ethernet runs, or maybe look into putting some kind of powered enclosure at the top/midway up the tower.

Without the CMM you’ll be burning up two power supplies to power your BH and AP (and ultimately two cable runs and a switch to link them).

Another thing to keep in mind is do your best to colocate APs and BHMs on the same tower. It will help down the line with self-interference. (at the very least, avoid putting a BH slave and BH master on the same tower)