BH Configuration

Lets say for instance I have the following scenario:

Option A:

Internet — BH 20M SLave ---- BH 20M Master ---- Customer

Option B:

Internet — BH 20M Master ---- BH 20M Slave ---- Customer

Both Option A & B are set to 75%. Now lets say I have a 10M Internet connection and all conditions are perfect. If I run a speed test from the customer location from Option A will I get more download or upload? From Option B will I get more Download or upload? The objective here is to provide the Customer site with More download speed and less upload, but I am wondering if switching the master and slave sides if that changes the flow of bandwidth?


With your original comments taken into consideration option B would have the higher download capability.

Ideally you would want to set option A: BHM @ 25% in order to acheive the same results.

Thanks for the reply, but to better illustrate I want to make sure that I am understanding you correctly. I have the following:

Internet ---- Switch — 300M — 300M ---- 150M ---- 150M — 20M BHS — 20M BHM — 900 AP’s/ 2.4 AP’s

We sale 512K down, 128K up, and so on. Above is how I have it configured right now with a 75% on the Backhaul configuration. We just brought this tower online and there are 150 people on it. The way I see it is we are only supplying the customers with +/- 4M Bandwidth for Downloading and +/- 10M Bandwith for Uploading since the the master is actually located on this tower Due to SYNC issues? SO you are saying if I leave the configuration as is I should set the downlink to 25% to achieve 10M +/- DOWNLOAD and 4M +/- UPLOAD which is what I would want since I am more conerned about Downloads at this point.

Thanks for the help,


Yes that’s correct.

When your SLAVE BH is on the UPSTREAM side you need to set your MASTER to lower percentage. In this case 25% instead of 75%

Another way to look at is that the Downlink % is always FROM the MASTER or AP TO the SM or SLAVE