BH Frame Calculation for next hop

Hello guys,

I am not even sure if this is possible, but I’m looking to sync two backhauls at different percentages. I’ll draw it out so it makes more sense.

Currently the only way I know how to do this, is like this:

75% DOWN 25% UP
BHM ============== BHS - BHS ================= BHM
25% UP 75% DOWN

As you can see this is completely unuseful as the throughput to the next hop will only be 25%

I am hopeful that there is some frame calculation that can be done to have the next hop’s downlink percentage be less than 50% (like the diagram below), but I just don’t see enough variables to change to make it happen.

                 75% DOWN                                   >50% DOWN
BHM ============== BHS - BHS ================= BHM
25% DOWN <50% UP

Is this just wishful thinking? or can it be done (aside from different bands and/or spectral seperation)?