BH HW sched vs. SW sched.

With firmware 7.2.9 there is new option HARDWARE/SOFTWARE scheduling. I tried to comprare throughput between this two modes but found no differences. Except

Should be some difference between HWS and SWS of BH modules??

Sorry for my bad english. :oops:

Only difference I noticed is difference in latency.
With SW sched is 2.5ms, with HW sched 7.2ms, throughtput is same.

We updated several BH links. With every master there was no problem. But with every slave there was problem with ftp tranfer. With both types of ftp transfer - active and passive.

When we updated BH directly via ftp client, there was problem too. Transfer nearly always stopped after random byted of bytes . We have tried it many many times (though pingtest to BH slave have 0% packetloss with 1000bytes packets).
Is the problem with ftp transfer of firmware known issue??

The benefit is that you have the ability to rate adapt between 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps depending on the link conditions.

You mean automatically? So the units will switch back to 10mbps modulation in case of interference/high loss? (it’s only working with HWS?)