BH Installation


Just thinking is it possible to do this type of install :-

BH-M ------ BH-S BH-M --------------- BH-S BH-M -----------BH-S

If i keep 2 sales together the only problem is when i have to change freq, i have to do a truck roll to BH-M.

Any way i shield things so that my link do not interfere !

Are you syncing the whole thing? If the BHM on the left generates the sync I would not recommend to go over 2 hops. Use a CMM in the middle of the link and connect the BHM there. It is recommended to use the vertical separation of the modules as well.

Yes its getting the sync. and i can pass sync between BHS-BHM.

the only problem is when there is freq interference on second link, we need to go to BH-M to change freq.

All BH use canopy reflectors.

CMM, BH-M ------ BH-S BH-M --------------- BH-S BH-M -----------BH-S

Are you running a sync cable to pass the sync to the other bh’s

yes, using sync cable.