BH issues - 7.2.9


As most people i have been bringing the rest of our network up todate with the newest firmware however!

BH seem to stop talking to each other when i apply the new firmware as soon as i roll back to say 7.0.7 it works 100%

I have a fullsite (with out the backhauls) now running 7.2.9 inc customers SM’s however i cant get our backhauls working with it.

I will be upgrading the rest of my network to 7.2.9 (sm and aps) and i will leave BH on the older version.

That said does anyone have any ideas? or have these sames issues?

PS: Also when updating even if its NOT the BH i get transfer errors and have to retry over again to update them…

What is the FPGA on the BH’s, also can you post the board versions (P8 or P9’s)

How many BH’s are at this site? Is it 5.7? Are you using a CMM?

We recently posted a field alert on our knowledgebase regarding issues with collocated backhauls running 7.2.9. We are working on a fix at this time. If you have P9 boards then you can enable hardware scheduling on the backhauls. This problem is not seen on backhauls running hardware scheduling.

Also, you may not want to upgrade your backhauls to 7.2.9 if you do not plan on taking advantage of the rate adapt option or the low priority CIR.

Here is the URL to the field alert for collocated BH issues: … d=304&c=18

Hi there, Im a collegue of Bruce’s, we have updated all the 5.7 & 900 AP’s and set to HW sched.
When we update off the 2.4 BH’s, the link drops out. I tried updating then setting the BH to hardware scheduling. Still no sessions show up.?

Forgot to mention all our SM’s and AP’s are P9, but backhauls are p8’s.
Using CMM’s, 90 AP’s, 20 BH’s, 200SM’s.
The problem exists on all of our sites.
I tested from one site with 1BH to another site with 1BH, and wasn’t able to get the BH to update to 7.2.9 without losing the SM’s.
All BH’s are on 7.1.4 now and running HW scheduling on the AP’s & SM’s. WIll see how this goes.