BH Jitter question/problem/clarification......

I have 2 BH’s coming from two of our northern offices coming to a HUB. Then we are using a BH from the HUB back to our home office. So at the HUB there are 3 Total BH’s.

SW Scheduling
5735/5800/5840 are the FREQ’s
10MB Pipes
-One link from our Northern Office can go to 20Mb the other is an old P8 and will only go to 10MB. The link from the HUB to our main office is a 10MB pipe but can go to 20MB.
Syncing to Power Port


I changed 2 of the links from 10MB to 20MB. After I did that I noticed the trend on our monitoring system went from 1-3 Jitter to 7-9 Jitter instantly. The one link that remains at 10MB is still 1-3 Jitter. As soon as I change the 20MB back to 10MB the jitter drops back to 1-3.

Could someone explin why the jitter jumps so much?

Did I explain this right?

when you are changing this, are you going from 1x to 2x? When in 2x a jitter under 9 is acceptable. If the ping times stay reliable it wont be a problem

the range in jitter is 0-15.

1X Jitter 1-4
2X Jitter 6-9

the reason the jitter increases is the modulation rate doubles.

You will also see the link tests degrade in 2X rate. A 100/100 link test in 1X can drop to 70/70 in 2X and still be an excellent link

Thanks Jerry. I knew I was missing something. I didnt think anything was wrong but needed clarification.