BH link PTP 5,2GHz

I installed a BH PTP. Every 30 min the link go down, Some one had the same problem? or coul be the “bridge entry time out” the parameter set as factory default, that could create this kind of problem?
some one che help me?

no the bridge entry timeout is not going to drop the radio link. list your expanded status page on the slave and the session page on the master and maby i can help.

Check the timing pulse configuration.
Let me knows what you get.


I discovered the problem and it’s I have to disable the DSF, othervise for some reason the link go down for 30 min.
best regards
Giovanni Balducchi



sorry for mistake dsf state for DFS

I was just asking what that stood for, and what it does. :slight_smile:

Dynamic Frequency Selection senses military radar and shuts down the radio. The shutdown of an AP/BHM effectively shuts down the SMs/BHS, which transmit only while receiving the beacon of the AP/BHM.