BH Problems?

I have a BH link of 5 miles (reflector in both sides). Good RSSI (1500) and jitter (1), after a lighting strike, the BH master went off, i’ve replaced it, then the BHS stay in scanning in the status page. I have clear LOS. The damaged BH had 4.2.3 firmware also the BHS. The new one has 7.0 firmware, so i’ve upgraded the BHS, i’ve tried everything, aligning the antennas with mirrors in both sides.
The master is generating sync in 5.830 GHz.
if there was connection before the lighting, why doesn’t have any connection after replacing the unit?
What can i do?

Please check, if BHS supports ISM band, if not, allow it on http://ip.of.bhs.unit/ism.html