Is there a way to set up the QoS on the BH20’s? Specifically, for IPv4 packets. Or do the backhauls detect the ToS automatically?



They are making difference between ‘normal’ and voip (TOS3) packets.
VoIP packets got higher preference, so if you need preference with some kind of packets, set TOS3 on them

Thanks wpeople, I was settting the ToS to 4. This should solve my problem.

No! It will NOT solve your problem. There are TOS3 packets (with privilege) and all other.
The unit will not take care if they are TOS4 or TOS40 or TOS400. Just check if it TOS3, and
handle it as VoIP in ‘highspeed’ channel, if not, handle it as normal.

It is TDMoIP data, from the RAD IPmux. I have the option to set the ToS value in the IPmux. I would like this data to be higher priority than all other traffic. (because it is time dependent data, low latency). I just didn’t know which ToS Canopy took as high priority, I thought it was 4 for some reason.