BH Suggestions and Help

I need to do a ~20 miles backhaul from a town where I can get bandwidth for 1/2 the price. I am unsure on what equipment or freq I should buy. Doing a radio mobile analysis on the link it says it will not work using the 5.7 10mbs canopy. Motorola says it has a range of 35 miles so I don’t know if i am doing something wrong in RM or if it truly will not work. Do you guys have any suggestions? I am trying to go as cheap as possible which is why I chose the 10mbs instead of the more expensive 30 which Moto says will reach out to 124 miles.

Here is the screenshot of the RM link that it says will not work. The antenna heights will actually be 33M (I put it at 50 just to make sure fresnel was clear in RM) high and the only thing in between this link would be trees (The tallest are about 70ft). Thank in advance for the help, this forum is great and you all have been very helpful.

I am also concerned about the tower heights because I am sure there will be some tree tops in the fresnel zone, it will be LOS no problem but those darn tree tops might cause problems. but 110ft is as high as I can go for the Slave, and there is a slim chance that I could go a little higher on the master.

for radio mobile I believe I have the output power too high even, since its a backhaul I used Spot mode with 99% situations since it needs to be very reliable. My initial connection I need to push is going to be a 3mb then going up 1.5mb at a time from there. I figure if we get to over 7mb (aggregrate throughput of the 10mb unit) then we can afford the more expensive equipment.


Fresnel zone looks great.

Check out the Trango Atlas 5010. A little more than the BH10 and as you grow you won’t need to replace the link as it can scale up much higher. You MIGHT get 7Mbps out of the BH10, won’t be long before you fill that up.

There is a link calculator for the Atlas on the Trango website. You will need to use dishes, we used 33dB PacWireless dishes at both ends with a dome on the dish on the mountain.

So far rock solid performance, 2ms latency across the link, and I am a happy guy.

I think there is a mistake on RM configuration, the sensitivity of canopy equipment is -86dbm…
I agree with Jerry BH10 fills up very quik…(especialy if you push voip)

How much is a Trango Atlas solution?

Web price is inflated. You need to contact directly for your WISP pricing … AS5010-EXT

The Rx sensitivity will decrease as the throughput modulation becomes higher. My guess is that this path profile is most likely for a 20 Mbps link.