BH through Power Lines?

I’ve read about some of the issues involving power lines and 900 MHz units, but what if you have a 7 mile 5.7 GHz (300Mb) Backhaul link crossing over high voltage power lines that are part of an electrical grid? Can the signal cross over these power lines? What has been the experience with some of your BH links?

High tension lines create very powerful electro-mechanical fields. Depending on the voltage and frequeny of the lines they can look like a wall to the relatively low power of the BH’s.

The only way to know is to test it. See if you can get an AP/SM to link up. If it does connect, it’s a good indication that the BH will link as well.

The site we are trying to hit is a campground that just so happens to have these high tension power lines crossing over the middle. There’s a 65 ft. tower behind the power lines and a 40 ft. tower in front of them.

If we terminated the BH link at the 40 ft. tower and stay in front of the power lines, do you think it might make a difference? Or should I expect interference regardless because they are still very close to the link? Also, I don’t suppose that staying below the power lines would help as well, would it?

any amount of seperation will help, vertical or horizontal. Having the backhaul in front of the power line will help with this, depending how far you are from the power lines. As for staying below the power lines, it may help as you are not shooting into the center of the potental EM field.

Like Jerry said it depends on the voltage and freq that the lines run on. As well as your freq noise floor for that area.

If you use a solid dish and can get the power lines behind you you should be ok.

Again, test it with an AP/SM

I have a POP directly under a set of high tension lines (60 feet) that’s working fine with no issues. Site is hilltop about 800 feet above the service area. Site survey with 5.7 SM showed no measurable background signal in the band.