BH trouble

I have a problem with our backhauls. We are trying to setup new backhauls, and here is the situation.

We have one the slave on a 100ft tower with a reflector dish, and the master up 40 ft, with a reflector dish. We aimed the 100ft one by listening for the signal, but when we try to aim the 40ft BH, and switch the slave and master settings, we are unable to aim the BH because the signal doesn’t sound normal. is there a special setting we need or anything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

How far are the dishes apart? Do you have them set at 10Mb or 20Mb? We always align BH in 10Mb, then switch them to 20Mb once we have a satisfactory alignment.

The BH we use are 10mb and they are 14 miles apart. Not shooting over water of any sort.

I have found that the GPS setting has an impact on the aiming tones. Switch the slave back to a master, and make sure it is set to generate its own GPS signal. Save that, then switch it back to being a slave. Sounds weird, but I ran into that issue when I was swapping around some units. The slave unit basically just ticked in the earphones until I made the GPS sync change on the unit as a master.

i will try that out and let you know how it goes, thanks again for the advice.