BH10 & Trees

We have a 5.7 backhaul 10mbs with reflectors that we are going to put on a tower to recieve our main pipe, the building we rented is about 1.5 miles from our tower, we found out yesterday when we got on the roof that there is 1-2 trees (cottonwood) between the building and the tower, do you guys think we will have any problems when spring gets here? I am pretty sure it will work right now because of the small distance and the fact that there are no leaves on the trees, but I would like to be prepared for spring time.

Also if we do end up with problems, how much bandwidth could one expect if we used the remote AP method of the 900MHZ. We are starting out with a 3mb port at our POP and will have two towers with 900mhz omni’s on them, like I said we are just starting, would have say 50 customers affect the bandwidth on a remote AP since the 900 supports 4mb and we only have 3 right now.


Depends on the density of the trees.

I would install it along with the SM. If you start having issues with the BH, you can switch to the SM while you figure out your alternative.

I have a link running at 5.8 that is about 1.5 miles through some trees and it is fine…Had to use an advanced antenna warm 32 at the SM end to get enough good signal from the AP, but it is rock steady…