BH2400 & Hware scheduling

We recently upgraded BH2400 which had P9 hardware to 7.3.x & found the the Links is more stable (37 kms), but latency is 18 ms which is like that of Classic AP-SM.Can any one explain …why(Software schedule was giving us 2.5 ms latency) ?

Available Bandwidth has increased by around 1 mbps(Half Duplex) as now it does not have to use slots for Control & acknowledgements.

What does your link test look like?

Stats for LUID: 2 Test Duration: 2 Pkt Length: 1522
Downlink RATE: 4127744 bps
Uplink RATE: 2451456 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 100
Expected Frag Count: 16124
Actual Frag Count: 16124
Uplink Efficiency: 75 Percent
Max Uplink Index: 100
Actual Uplink Index: 75
Expected Frag Count: 9576
Actual Frag Count: 12751

Look at this:

Uplink Efficiency: 75 Percent

  1. Re-peak the dishes
    2. Try another frequency

Yes Up eff is 75 % , But the link distance is around 36 km & we need some minor alignment.

The Issue is the latency.A backHaul running Sm scheduling gives a latency of 2.5 ms , where as if it runs H/w scheduling gives 18 ms.

So i was wondering if some one has switched to Hardware scheduling on
BH2400 & what is the latency that is being observed ?

time to call Mot Tech support - that does not make sense.

Some more inputs.

ver 7.1 s/w scheduling latency 2.5 ms.
ver 7.2.x s/w scheduling latency 2.5 ms.
ver 7.3.x s/w scheduling latency 18 ms.

ver 7.2.x h/w schediling latency 5/7 ms.
ver 7.3.x h/w scheduling latency 18 ms.

Can Moto support respond.

This is on BH2400 with P9 h/ware.

there is nothing to gain by running 7.3 on BH’s. Use the 7.2.

Stick to HW even though the latency is slightly higher.

Yes . True.H/WARE Scheduling looks more robust.on 7.3.x latency is higher we are getting around 1 mbps full duplex is more in link test & this additional latency is not causing any issues.So 7.2.x or 7.3.x with H/w scheduling seems to be doing great job for me.