BHS to CMM Micro

If a BHS is connected to a CMM Micro, will the timing being provided by this micro cause problems with the timing being provided by the BHS’s remote BHM which is also terminated into a CMM micro? This is also assuming that the BHS is plugged into a powered port.

If this would cause problems, what is the way around it? Terminating the BHS into a transfomer, then terminating the pigtail into an unpowered port in the CMM Micro? If a CMM Micro port is set to unpowered, does it still attempt to provide sync and timing to the device?

I prefer to use CMM’s at each site as opposed to using a RJ-11 timing cable between modules.

No, this should not be a problem.

Look on the Configuration page of the Back Haul Slave. There is no Sync Input parameter because it receives its timing from the Master. It ignores timing signals present on either the power or timing jacks.