BIG Problem


I have purchased 3 SM P10 with 8.2 software version.
But, AP is P8 and I have upgraded its software version to 7.3.6 (which is the maximum version you can upgrade on this platform).

I could see you can not to switch P8 to hardware scheduling, (there is not any option in configuratin mode).
Then, P10 only runs in HW scheduling.

Please, tell me I will be able to connect these SMs to this old AP!!

Thank YOu a lot

Sorry, it has to be at least a P9 AP

We are glad to help you but seems that is beyond our capacity.

I suggest you evaluate these things and choose your best solution:

1)acquire a P9 AP capable of hardware scheduling
2)Sell your P10 SM and acquire P9 SM instead, it can do software

send me a message if you need more help.

What band are you using by the way? 5700/2400/900?

You really got a big problem…

From what I understand you can configure P7 & P8 AP’s for HW scheduling with the CNUT tool.

Would that resolve your problem?

How to do that?

Is there any way also in CNUT that P10 can be configured for Soft Sched?

You can switch the sm unit, but you can’t switch the AP unless you send it in for an upgrade

Hi clueless, how to do that on the SM side?

The Motorola “Upgrade to Advantage” program was designed to allow older P7 and P8 SM’s to connect to Advantage AP’s running in hardware scheduling mode.

The Scheduling plug in tool for CNUT is needed to switch P7 and P8 SM’s to HW mode because the older hardware does no allow for a toggle in the software regardless of the version.

This upgrade path was started in 2005 with intent to upgrade everything to hardware scheduling without having to replace all of the SM’s, only the AP’s. Moto made it clear that P8 and older AP’s would need to be replaced as they would not longer be able to support SM’s beginning in 2007.

So, as mentioned you either need to send back the SM’s and look for P9 SM’s that can run in SW scheduling, or upgrade the AP which really needs to be done in order to move forward into 2008.

Is trading P8 AP to higher version, for free?

No. If I recall our cost was 700 per AP


You got that choice ivanperino

As far as I know they are not doing the “trade in” thing anymore and that was just a one time thing. This was told to me by canopy support when I was asking for upgrades on some old BH units. Maybe it’s different between BHs and APs?

Maybe they need money now. Happy days promo is over. =)