Bill of Materials


Loving Link Planner, it is very useful.

However I would love the ability to edit the bill of materials. Currently it shows the extended warranty and I do not want this shown. I have tried deleting it but no luck.

Would be great if this could be customised for the installer report, with the added ability to add / delete in extra items that a installer might need for a job. For example 4m Mast, Switch etc. So the ability to add custom items would also be great.

Hi Chris,

It is great to know that you are finding LINKPlanner useful.

We don't allow the default items to be removed as we don't have an easy way to re-instate them, however you can edit the quantity and change it to zero.

Thank you for your suggestions on improving the BOM. We will add this to our list of feature updates we are considering.

In the meantime the BOM can also be easily exported to Excel, where additional items can be added, although we understand that this won't incorporate them into the pdf installation report.



You probably know this already, but if you hit the "New Extra" button, you can find a whole host of things to add to the bill of materials.

You can also select multiple items and add them all at the same time.

If you need more than one of any item, you can edit the "Qty" field.

You can sort the BOM by left-clicking on the "P/N", "Description", "Qty", or "Notes" column header. I often use this to find things in the BOM quickly.

Please let us know if you think there are other "New extra" items we should be including!