Billing and Network Management

Hello All,

Looking for some suggestions on a Billing and Provisioning solution. Currently network is Layer 3 with multiple sites all routing through central NOC. Have ImageStream routers at all locations. Currently we are provisioning the SMs QoS etc. manually and going manual billing. We have seen fluctuating readings when using the SM’s QoS where throughput will even be higher than the burstable rate that is set and we are not sure why.

We were looking at PowerCode, but lately pricing on the product has changed and jumped outside the budget. Have tried Prizm, but not too impressed by it’s capabilities. Anyone implemented PPPoE with Canopy and used a billing solution such as Rodopi? I thing the best solution would be where the billing server provisions the radius server and PPPoE connections are made to radius. Any thoughts, suggestions on hardware, software, design would be greatly appreciated. ... oned-again

a bunch of responses there regarding alternatives to powercode