Bind DN support for Active Directory?


Working on configuring active directory auth and one issue we have found is we use a specific sub-domain for our active directory accounts ( as an example) but without a bind-dn option in the LDAP/active directory config it sends the users credentials direclty. The result is that we need to try to match on user the DN isn't speicfied 

A work around is to match the fully qualified domain

Is there a way to specify the binddn so the initial request somes in username entered @ domain instead of simply username.


Thanks for the question.  We will look into this and  get back to you.

Hi Timothy -- would setting the Base DN to "dc=abc123,dc=domain,dc=com" allow you to match the user correctly?


Already tried, no joy. The bind request still comes in as user, not user@domain or which is the problem.

We need the bind request to come in user@domain 


Hi, has this been resolved in any newer versions of cnMaestro? We're still having to logon with even with setting the base DN.