Blackberry/Bluetooth interference

Just somtething I thought many would be interested in,
We were dong an install and testing with a 900 module with a 10dbi yagi.
We had great numbers (1500 RSSI/2-3 JITTER)but wouldn’t regester to the AP 9.90 miles away. Tried another module, same results. Lo and behold, I looked down and my Blackberry phone was strapped to my side and I thought, “why not”. I turned off the power and boom! instant regestration! I couldn’t believe it so I turned it back on, it didn’t kick the module off so I re-booted the SM and it wouldn’t regester, I turn off the phone and again, instant regestration. I’m not sure if it is the phone itsself or the Bluetooth network, but it definitely caused problems, anyway, I just thought this would be interesting for everyone to know.