BLOCK certain subscriber module


could i block a certain subscriber module from connecting to access point 

by adding it in a block list or any similar technique !


Set a new authentication key on the AP and don't add it to the SM you want to have "blocked"

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Also you could use RADIUS as your authentication server.

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in this case, i have to re define the new authentication key on other subscribers registred to the same AP ! 


Do you use radius? If yes there are ways to block SM using Calling-Station-Id.

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Are you trying to prevent the Subscriber from reaching the Internet (suspension) or are you trying to keep the SM from registering to the AP (rogue SM)?  For the former, set an unroutable WAN IP - you can still reach the SM via the AP.  The latter, no standalone way that I know of and apparently neither does anyone else.  Color code is a step, but not foolproof.

Hope this helps some.