Blocking access to IP addresses on e600

Hi! I’m willing to connect e600 to my home cheap router connected to ISP. I want the outdoor e600 to get an internet connection from the router at home, but I don’t want clients from outdoor to have access to indoor WiFi clients. As a solution, I thought it would be good if the home router works as a DHCP server giving addresses in and outdoor The solution would be just to block access to and set the gateway as on e600. Is it possible to do, and can someone help me how? Or have you got a better solution?

Apply following ACL rules on WLAN profile which is outdoor, where you do not want users to access indoor network:

Won’t it deny access to192.168.0.1, which would be the gateway to access the internet for outdoor ap?

Is gateway common for both VLANs.

I’ve tried it at home, and yeah, it cuts off the internet connection.
The main router is giving DHCP in, and Cambium (which has got IP from the main router) is giving it at
But the main router is the gateway for cambium, so when i block, there is no internet connection

I’ve added a rule to permit transmission between mac address source cambium, dst main, but it doesn’t change a thing