blocking waves from a 900 baby monitor

Hello all,

I have a customer on our Canopy 900 system. Their daughter lives next door (about 75 yards away) and has a dual channel 900mhz baby monitor. Needless to say, the monitor is wreaking havok on their internet connection with our service (its off more than its on).

I plainly told them that their monitor is causing the problem. The mom says “oh, she simply has to use the monitors”. End of story.

I wouldn’t be trying so hard with this had she not been a former customer of my competition - they are using 2.4 gear. She had heard how good our service was, so she decided to switch to us.

So…is there a way to block or absorb the signal from the sides of the monitor where it is not needed to broadcast? Really, it just needs to have about 20 feet of signal strength, instead of 75+ yards right now. Perhaps a shield made of window screen or aluminum foil?

I know, I know, this is overkill on my part. I’m just curious if there is a way to do this.

Thank you,


If the cust refuses to buy a non-900MHz baby monitor, then your cheapest solution is to buy her a new one. Bill her for a service call or comp that as well. … pd_cp_ba_1