Blown Poe's

Anyone else having issues with POE’s. I have replaced aprox. 20 or so poe’s in the last month.

They have come from sites that have grounding and from sites that dont have grounding. They are from new batches as well as older batches. These repairs are coming off of all my towers and not in one general location.

Also after i have replaced the poe on most of these installs i have to change the Sm to 10baseT Full or half to make the customer aquire an ip address. In some cases i have had to replace the nic as well. In 2 of the cases i have had to switch out the sm.

We have been running almost problem free for 3 years. This just started within the last 2 months.

this happen after a thunderstorm(s) ?

There have been some thunderstorms in some areas but not in all areas. We have 12 sites over a few hundred kilometers so not all areas have had storms. But all areas have experienced problems.

Sounds like bad cables if its working on 10baseT and not 100. Have you checked the ethernet statistics for errors?

We’ve started using the Pac Wireless POE-24iR-CI with Canopy SMs. It has more than twice the max current as the Canopy PoE, which is great for very long cable runs (which work at 10Mbps but not 100Mbps, for instance). It also has integrated surge protection, so at around $20/ea, we get surge protection and PoE in one VERY nice package.

I’ve had lots of the old Moto transformer power supplies fail, maybe 30 out of 300, and a few of the newer Moto switching supplies fail. The switchers have been much more reliable, and I’m really happy to get rid of extra wires with the new built in surge protection unit.