Boot from inactive older firmware

Hi, I have force 300-25 installed and connwctwd to a sector which has 4.5.6. The 300-25 has active 4.6.1 and inactive 4.5.6 in it. How can I boot the radio from 4.5.6. I cannot upgrade(downgrade) 4.5.6 remotely. If I try from cnMaestro, it fails and cannot remotely log into the radio. Please advise.
Thank you.

Though not impossible, doing this remotely is impractical. You would be better served to swap the radio and just bring it back to the workbench and reflash it from a factory reset.

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As far as I know, the reason for the ‘inactive’ bank is that if the new active firmware doesn’t successfully boot, then the radio will fall back to the previously working firmware, which is in the inactive bank. So - I’m not aware of a way to choose to boot the older bank… I think it’s just there if a newly applied firmware is corrupted or doesn’t boot correctly for some reason, so that the radio can still boot the previous working version.

SO - the real issue/question is probably “how can I downgrade firmware when the Force 300-25 fails to allow it”?


I have seen this issue be fixed with a simple factory reset of the radio. Best idea of what happens when this issue perks up is the config file has errors in it and resetting rebuilds the file with default settings. Doesnt happen too often to have a good enough sample to work from.