Boot version 1.0 versus 3.0

I have quite a few 900 sm’s that still have boot ver 1.0. Most have
boot ver 3.0. I have taken these radios thru the upgrade sequence from
7.36 to 8.24 and they still show the old boot version.
I have issues with sm’s disconnecting and requiring a power cycle before they reassociate and it seems to be happening more on the ones with the 1.0 boot version.
Is there a way to upgrade the boot version?

Boot version 1.0 is generally on the SMs with the new P10 hardware.

Boot version 3.0 is the older P9 hardware.

Ah! Yes I see now.
…So maybe it’s the P10 hardware itself that is giving me issues.

P10 hardware in general seems to be more problematic for people.