Brand New Installation

Hi folks, my first post here.

I have a brand new installation I’m working on. Any tips??? Do’s and dont’s???

I just download the newest firmware and will be installing that before I configure and test everything before I deploy.

I’m just wondering what the best configurations are, e.g. Layer2, etc.

I only have one AP and CMM4 with the newer managed switch. The AP and some of my CPE will need static public IPs while the rest will be DHCP/NAT and I’m not really a routing guy so any help there would be great.

Any pointers would be great

setup a DHCP server and configure the APs to relay DHCP to that server
Setup reservations using the MAC addresses written on the CPEs to give out static IP addresses.
Let the rest just get random addresses from the pool.

Hi and welcome,

in the managed switch inside the CMM, go to ports, and disable on all ports the flow control.
That will save you a lot of trouble in ur network.

After every change in the config of the AP click on the SAVE button (floppydisk icon) in the upper right corner, before u change pages.
I configured the whole AP and clicked on UPDATE, but not all changes are saved… and i wondered why i cant access my AP because the subnet was not saved.