Brand New NOOB here. Anyone using 4.9 Gig Public Safety?

I am brand new in the world of Motomesh. I must say, I am intriugued by all the claims and sales pitches, however, I am a little confused as well. I have been working with networking for a couple of years, but the nature of the Mesh network is quite different. Is there anyone out there with a few spare moments of time to answer some questions regarding the Motomesh Device Manager and Mesh Tray applications? The use of IP addresses is interesting, to say the least, and confusing at times as well. I have spent quite a bit of time attempting to nail it down, but so far it has me beat.

Some basic questions I have are.

1. Why can I see the IAP “router” and the IAP comes and goes in Meshview? Aren’t these devices in the same box? If I can see the router, should I not be able to ping the IAP?

2. I have portable devices that “talk” with one another (on the MAC address level I guess?) without the use of the “Network”. I can see them with MeshView, but can’t figure out the IP address schema (if there even is one).

I will be searching the forums for answers, but if anyone has any input it would be highly appreciated.