Brand new R190 can not access GUI

Good afternoon foks,

Bought two r190 to try out as a new router for my wisp.   Currently use TP-links.  I can ping the addess and SSH (admin/admin) but can not access the GUI (via http or https).  Am I missing anything?  Brand new out the box.

Is there a way to enable https or something via busy box? 


Hi Sean,

If you are able to ssh to device , can you share ,"ps -ef" command outpu to may mail id ? 

Have you tried hardware reset of device ? 

Do you have any unit available for remote investigation ? 

By default https access will be enabled  .



Any insight as to why this is? I have a single order of 10 routers that have not let me in, any other order from any other vendor they have been fine. These were fresh out of the box and multiple of the routers will not let me access them. Here is to hoping I can flash them to get them working.

Hi ,

Can you try accessing your router with https instead of http. use . In newer firmware  by default only HTTPS access is enabled . You can go to settings and enable http .