Brand New to CMM4 Sync



I am looking for literature in regards how to best configure gps sync with a cmm4. We just hung our first PMP 3.65 ring. Everything is working fantastic. We are replacing a ubnt 3.65 system and the Cambium is blowing it out of the water...but I digress. 


I am familiar with how to configure the epmp gps sync, using the front to back settings and what not. I just want to make sure I am not missing any settings with the CMM4. 






Hi Jordan, 

Glad that the 3 GHz PMP 450 is working out great for you!

There a few documents you can read through for synchronization using CMM4:

  1. PMP Synchronization and Solutions User Guide. This gives you a nice overview of all the sync source options you have for PMP 450 including the CMM4.
  2. The PMP 450 User Guide has a lot of information about CMM4 sync. Its a large document so simply Just search "Sync" or "CMM". 
  3. There is also a knowledge base post that helps you understand powering options with a CMM4. 

If you are looking for something specific, ask away and I'm sure folks will jump in to answer. 



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Thank you this is what I was looking for. :)