bridge configuration

maybe I am just not looking at this correctly.  But if you limit the bridge table size, why would you want to forward packets from mac addresses NOT in the bridge table?

if your setup is anything like mine, you want to drop packets if mac address is not in bridge table. i wish cambium would have put the limit at 3 instead of 4 mac addresses (two belonging to the sm).


By default, the SM forwards packets from mac addresses not in the bridge table. This helps data to work beyond the bridge table restriction and it has been the legacy behaviour. Dropping packets if mac address is not in the bridge table could help limiting the number of devices connected to the SM.

agreed.  I brought this up in the forum also, not sure if they could limit to 4, why they didn't limit to 3... doesn't make any sense to me.  

I just don't see the reasoning I guess.  If you are going to limit mac addresses behind the SM, why would you want to forward their packets?

Because the limitation of MAC was added later, we didn't want to break any configuration that was working for customers prior to the implementation of this feature (i.e. didn't want to change legacy behavior).

That's the only reason this option exists.  Anyone implementing new configuration wouldn't likely utilize this.

Make sense?

yes, that is a good idea.  Thank you