Bridge in a box Compatibility with UHD

I’m currently using the Bridge in a box with force 180’s, is the UHD Bridge in a box compatible with these units? Can I swap out one of the 180’s with a UHD?



Yes, it is possible. Please make ensure both radios have the latest software (any 4.x.x)

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Thanks, could you direct me to the link for the Force 180 upgrade? I went to the “files” page and found for Force 130 and 300 but not the 180

Many thanks!

I downloaded and attempted a software upgrade unsuccessfully [ 00:00:57 Not enough space in device memory. Starting to perform a cleaning procedure. In a case of an unsuccessful upgrade, please restart the device and try again. & 00:01:23 Error. Unpack failed - Damaged or wrong package format. Please ensure software package is not corrupted.]

Re-downloaded package, tried again, same thing. Rebooted device to increase free memory but upgrade still failed. Current version is 4.4.3.

Could you provide some next steps?


F180 running 4.4.3 and UHD with any 4.X.X (say 4.6.1 the latest )should establish a link.
Also you can do a factory rest and redo the up-gradation for F180 which anyways optional in this case.