Bridge IP at end SM not communicating

Hi there,

Current scenario with problem as below.

Main Router -> AP1 (3000L) <--> SM1 (F300-16) <--> switch (unmanaged) <--> AP2 (F300-16) <--> SM2 (F300-16) <- (Customer End Router)

All the ePMP devices are on the same firmware 4.4.1.  All the F300's are in bridge mode.  No L2/L3 firewall settings on any of the AP's or SM's. All bridge IP's on the same subnet.  So I am getting a successful PPPoE link from the Customer End Router all the way back to Main Router.  I know this setup is not ideal with second AP in the middle but unfortunately this is the only way to link the remote site.  The link is reasonably stable but does experience a drop now and then.  The site has a fallback link which automatically takes over so it works quite well.

Now to the main problem.  SM2 can ping AP2 and SM1 successfully without any problem.  But SM2 cannot ping AP1 or the main router and vice versa, which means no remote access from main router and hence no internet connection to SM2 which is causing no cnMaestro (no alerts if going offline from time to time).  Obviously ethernet traffic is flowing hence the PPPoE link being successful.  

Have factory resetted SM2 and reconfigured but no success. 

I hope this provides enough info for the current scenario.  if not please let me know.

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Please try to upgrade the link to 4.4.3.

Thank you.


Will try this next time we are on site and give feedback.